Equipment List



 Messer MG Systems MetalMaster III CNC controlled burning table.  Outfitted with an Innerlogic Proline 2200 precision plasma

    cutting system. Table size 72 x 120, precision plasma cutting up to 1, traditional oxy-fuel cutting up to 2-1/2.

 Pronest 2010 with automatic true-shape nesting with "part-in-part" and void filling nesting software.

 Cincinnati 230 Ton Hydraulic Press. 12 wide bed.

 Hino 26,000# Delivery Truck with 26 long flatbed.

 5 HP 3-Axis CNC Milling Machine.

 3 HP 3-Axis Milling Machine.

 Manual Milling Machine.

 12-1/2 HP Bed Lathe, 20" x 120"

 50 Ton Geka Ironworker.

 2009 HE&M Cyclone Auto-4 Horizontal Miter Saw

 Marvel Series 15 - 15/4 Horizontal Saw
 Eleven (13) MIG Welders.

 Three (3) TIG Welders.
 Two (2) HyperTherm Powermax 1650 Handheld Plasma.

 Part Tumbler/Cleaner.

 Magnetic Drills.
 Model 3 Tubing Bender, bends up to 2 tubing or pipe.
 Pipe and Tubing Polisher.

 Overhead Crane with two (2) 1 Ton bridges.
 TCM 6000# Forklift
 TCM 5000# Forklift

 Daewoo 6000# Forklift

 Daewoo 5000# Forklift

 Eight (8) 3/8 x 10 Drill Presses.
 20HP Ingersoll Rand Nirvana Variable Speed Drive Rotary Screw Air Compressor

 Farr Gold Series Dust Collector, GS24


MESSER MG Systems - The MetalMaster III


INNERLOGIC'S - The Proline 2200


The Metalmaster III is a unitized table and gantry cutting machine.  Our MMIII utilizes the Proline 2200 Precision Plasma process to produce excellent looking parts for the precision fabrication market. We can burn for industries like:

 Air handling Equipment
 Ductwork
 Kitchen Equipment                                                                                                                               
 Vessels and Tanks
 Metal Crafts
 Car Parts
 Walking Platforms
 Boats and Leisure Vehicles
 Appliances
 Precision Sheet Metal

Precision plasma burning gauge material to 1 thick +/- 0.015 in HRS, SS or Aluminum!
Oxy-Fuel burning from 1-1/8 to 2-1/2 thick +/- 1/16 in HRS

The machine rides on a rugged, machined, modular steel base and track assembly. The track rails are aligned to insure accuracy. The base supports a separate side draft exhaust cutting table. Rail alignment is not affected if plates are accidentally dropped on the table.

The machine utilizes a light-weight but very rigid aluminum structure. This allows it to accelerate up to speed quickly and maintain accurate cutting even during corner moves.

Torch height is accurately maintained by means of the Messer PL-1 lifter. Traveling at 880 in/min, it is capable of reacting to height changes quickly enough to follow warped or curved plate. It is even fast enough to allow the MMIII to cut diamond plate with the diamonds up!




Some Equipment Pictures